Finding My Inner Dancing Queen

I'd been hearing buzz around the Miami-style dance class 305 Fitness for sometime, so I decided to get myself the intro package and make the most of it. And boy, did I. I learned some choreo to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," dance-battled (within the safety of a group of course), and toned the HECK out of my arms, glutes, and more. Soreness and fierceness ensued.

The catchphrase at 305 is "Make sweat sexy." And though I don't know if I'll ever fully embrace my perspiration with the same self-confident fervor, the instructors really brought me pretty darn close. Everyone was so welcoming, cheerful, and energetic. And the songs were nonstop. Some moves were more challenging than others, but I stayed focused on not stopping and keeping my heart rate up rather than being a perfect dancer. As far as the moves, we're talking jumping, running, kicking, spinning, booty shaking,  hip swaying, and so much more.

305 offers different class levels. Try the Cardio Basics to get a general understanding of the moves before moving to Themes and Advanced. The cardio classes are 55 minutes of dancing and some classes have a 5-minute toning section (think arms, abs, legs, etc.). They also offer classes that go beyond cardio, like the FLX and PWR which focus on flexibility, strength, and conditioning.  I only took the cardio classes, but something tells me I'll be back for the others.

305 proves that you don't need to wait til Saturday night to dance your heart out. It can be 8 a.m. and you can have the time of your life before sipping your first drip of coffee.

I recommend the classes at 305 to anyone who's looking to shake up their routine, confidence, or workout playlist. Besides, who doesn't want to visit Miami?

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