Comfort food face-lift: bacon cheeseburger

Learn how to make a delicious, healthier version of the Bacon Cheeseburger.
Published July 19, 2017

Keep each decadent ingredient in play, make a few tweaks to bring down the SmartPoints value, and voilà: Best. Burger. Ever. 

Watch how we did it:


How we did it



1. Meat


Classic: High-fat (up to 20%) ground chuck or blends that can include brisket or short ribs.
New and improved: Flavorful, extralean beef (5% fat or less) cuts fat, and meaty dried exotic and fresh cremini mushrooms add umami and juicy texture.



2. Cheese


Classic: A thick slice of full-fat Cheddar or American cheese.
New and improved: Shredded cheese on top of each burger brings lots of flavor for a lower SmartPoints value. A zesty cheese such as pepper Jack replaces milder varieties that contain more fat.



3. Bacon


Classic: Regular high-fat, greasy bacon. And plenty of it!
New and improved: Using lean, center-cut bacon slashes a third of the fat and zapping the rashers in the microwave on paper towels removes even more fat.



4. Bun


Classic: Buttery brioche bun or potato roll.
New and improved: Light hamburger buns do the job for a lower SmartPoints value.