The 14 Best Oprah Quotes to Improve Literally A-N-Y Mood

Because the power of words is undeniable—and hers always strike a chord.
Published March 7, 2019

Sometimes all it takes to get back on track with your wellness journey is finding a motivating mantra that speaks to you. You know the feeling: You read or hear a quote and—boom! Just like that, your mindset shifts and you feel a surge of I-can-do-this energy.

So who better to look to for get-healthy guidance than Oprah? After all, she’s is no stranger to the world of wellness: The WeightWatchers® ambassador knows first-hand that the path to better health can be circuitous—that sometimes, there are ups and downs along the way. To remind you of how amazing and strong you can be, and help you keep your purpose in sight, look no further than Oprah’s best quotes. (Sure, nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is inspiring. But we’re here for every ounce of wisdom she has to give!)

Go ahead and pin, screenshot, or share these quotes in a text or Instagram post. And hey, why not write one out and stick it on your mirror? Then, no matter your mood, you’ll have Oprah’s been-there-done-that guidance. They’ll help get you through the good days, tough days—all of ‘em. Just remember: You’ve got this!

1. When you start worrying about next week’s weigh-in:

2. When you make a mega mess of your kitchen while learning how to cook:

3. When you’re figuring out what your “why” is:

4. When you’re ready to walk out of a challenging fitness class:

5. When it all just feels impossible:

6. When you find yourself wishing there was a magic pill:

7. When you catch yourself critiquing your reflection:

8. When you know you need new habits but don't know where to begin: 

9. When those last five pounds just won’t budge:

10. When real life gets in the way of weight loss:

11. When you question your strength to go on:

12. When you meet a new BFF on Connect:

13. When you get off track during Friday’s happy hour:

14. When your goal weight feels so far away:


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