9 Ways to Fit in Fitness at Christmas

Make time in your full holiday calendar to exercise with these tips from WeightWatchers® Members.
Published December 2, 2015

Whatever holiday you're celebrating, whatever country you're celebrating in, chances are, you'll be spending time eating and drinking with friends and family throughout the month. But before you blow off your fitness routine until the new year, read over the ways our international Members find time to get moving over the holidays. 


Make time for running

If you can't manage to squeeze it in during your working week, why not head out on the weekend? On a crisp, fresh morning, there is nothing more exhilarating than being outdoors.

Get it out of the way! "I'm planning on going for a run on Christmas morning so that I feel fresh, and virtuous for the rest of the day!"

Find a partner. "My husband and I are going to do a 10-mile run in the morning. Then I won't feel so bad when we go over to his family and eat and eat and eat!"

Do as much as you can. "I go running either straight after work or in the morning. I find it a flexible activity, since I can go as often or as little as I want to."

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Squeeze in walking

Going for a walk on Christmas Day is a great way to get loved ones off the couch and out in the fresh winter air.

Show 'em you won't stop. "I'm planning on keeping up my exercise routine over Christmas. It's the best way for me to de-stress — even if it's a walk with the kids to get outside."

Work it into the festivities. "One of the best parts of Christmas Day is the long walk after lunch. Wrap up in a big scarf and gloves, rope in family members and walk for an hour then return all refreshed and ready to be warmed up with a low-fat hot cocoa!


Exercise at home

It's highly likely that you've got a pair of dumbbells under your bed or a jump rope neatly tied in a drawer. Dust them off and get them out: It's easier than you think to fit in some exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Mix it up. "I will do my exercise video then lots of walking over Christmas."

Use what you've got. "I have a treadmill which I use daily, I walk my dog twice a day, and also do toning exercises so I will try and keep it up. I'll need the exercise to counteract the Christmas desserts!"

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Keep dancing

There's plenty of boogieing to be done over the festive season, so get on the dance floor early and show everyone what you're made of. Not only will you be fitting in fitness, but more dancing means less nibbling and drinking!

Dance with yourself. "I play a CD and dance to it. I don't want to feel like I have to start all over again in the New Year."

Get social. "I teach line dancing, and although my classes will close over the holidays, there are so many socials to go to that I will do more dancing than ever."

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