Success Stories

Verity: “I’m fitter, stronger and healthier since joining WW”

Verity lost 6st 4.5lb with WW!*
Published 3 December, 2020
Tell us about your weight loss journey.

I joined WW because my brother asked me to do a reading at his wedding. I thought, “Even if I lose seven pounds, it's better than nothing”. I went on to lose much more, and I’m really proud of myself. I’ve also been able to maintain my curves. WW has allowed me to keep the parts I want to keep, but has also let me lose the weight. I can wear different things now - I'm a bit more adventurous, whereas before I had my regular go-to outfits.

How did your weight loss journey fit into your life?

WW has literally changed my life, but in a way that didn't change my lifestyle too much. Nothing’s off-limits or restricted, so you can still go out to eat. I think a lot of people think you have to weigh absolutely everything you eat, but you really don’t - at least not on WW. You can eat whatever you like as long as you track and stay accountable. Tracking soon becomes second nature, too - like brushing your teeth!

How has your relationship with food changed since joining WW?

I’ve become more adventurous with food and cooking, trying things I would have veered away from before. I actually eat more now than I did back then! WW has taught me that I can eat more, just eat different things.

What about your mindset?

I think that mindset is huge. When somebody takes the time to work out what makes them happy or what makes them feel comfortable, you're going to get a better result. And I know, personally, my mindset is much better now than it would have been five or six years ago when I tried a fad diet because I would put so much pressure on myself. And now I think, "No, come on, you've got to be kind to yourself. You've got to think of your mental health. You've got to think about how you're feeling."

Tell us about your fitness journey.

As I’ve lost weight I’ve become more active. I’ve always enjoyed walking, but I actually started running, which I never thought I’d do. I’m doing lots of home workouts in the WW app, and I’ve even cancelled my gym membership! There’s no worrying about getting changed or going out in the cold. I like that I can work out on my own terms, in my own time.

The app has also helped me find things I didn’t realise I’d enjoy so much, like Pilates and other exercises that I wouldn't have signed up to do at my local gym. I'm fitter, stronger and a lot healthier since joining WW.

What do you love about the app?

It’s great that I can have it with me all the time! As long as I’ve got an internet connection, I’m good to go. It’s really handy to have.

In terms of features, I really like the workouts. There are so many, and you can choose a length of time that suits you. I also love the barcode scanner - you can go anywhere and be able to track your PersonalPoints.

I also just like being able to see what I’m doing. I’m a real facts and figures person, so I enjoy racking up FitPoints and seeing my daily progress on the app. It’s very motivating.

Do you have a good support network?

Yes, I've met lots of new friends through WW! I like scrolling through members’ posts on Connect - it’s a great source of motivation. You think, “Right, she can do it, so I can do it”. I also love that every time you open the app you see a motivational quote! They’re really sweet and sometimes quite quirky. They make me smile!

*Verity lost 6st 4.5lb in 65 weeks.