Sue: I’ve always served WW recipes at big gatherings

WW member Sue can still host fun family meals and stay on track with WW Freestyle™. Here’s how she does it…
Published 26 March, 2019
Healthier family meals

Thanks to WW, my children and grandchildren have all grown up eating healthy food – and although my children have now left home, they still buy WW cookbooks! I put their good choices down to what I’ve learned through WW.

Happiness shared

Since joining, I’ve always served WW recipes at big gatherings, and everyone enjoys sharing them with me. My whole family comes round for a roast dinner once a month, and special occasions are always big family affairs. We’ll all play games with the kids, then sit down to a relaxed meal. WW is all about having a little bit of what you love, after all!

Better together

One of my sons had been living in New Zealand for the past three years, but now he’s returned home, so we’ll all be together again. I’m so looking forward to it. With the help of WW, I’ve achieved what I wanted most of all – a happy, healthy and stable family. Sharing a meal together again will be brilliant, and a great chance to celebrate.