Rahel: I can get old later!

Due to her age, Rahel started being more and more careful when doing activity, but since losing weight, she has realised that lots of things are still possible at 50!
Published 19 March, 2019

Rahel, 51 years old, WW Workshop, lost 1st, 8lb

Yoga, biking, Nordic walking, and, of course, skiing in the wintertime — I’ve always been the active type. Recently, though, I’ve started to think about what would happen if I fell off my bike, injured myself skiing, or something like that. I started being more and more careful, but I blamed it on my age. Now I know: I can get old later!

My motto

Never start stopping!—that’s the motto I’ve been living by for years. I had already lost some weight with WW a few years ago, but a couple of kilos had found their way back to me, and I wasn’t happy about that. Then, my daughter (see Lia’s success story here) successfully started losing weight with WW and convinced me to go to a Workshop with her. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to lose weight now that I was in my early 50s. What if it didn’t work? But not trying also wasn’t an option. 


My successful start

I already started meeting my weight loss goals within the first week. I hadn’t expected that; it completely calmed my initial fears. I even started to realise: 'Lots of things are still possible at 50!' And in fact, within just four months, I had lost a total of 1st 8lb.


3 reasons why I love the WW Workshops

•    The motivation I got from my WW Coach and the chats I had with the other participants were incredibly helpful. They gave me tons of great tips; I had some wonderful experiences, and the process made me much more open.

•    I was always a little nervous before my weekly weigh in: did I succeed this week, or not? The great thing about the weigh ins is that I got to know my own body really well. Even though these days, as a Gold Member, I only go to the Workshops occasionally, I weigh myself every week at home and track my weight in the app.

•    They became an event for Lia and I. Afterwards, we would go shopping or cook together. It was a really special time for both of us, and it brought us closer.


The WW photo shoot

My daughter and I applied for the photo shoot with a video we made together. It was great fun. The shoot itself was the icing on the cake for me! My own photos were almost secondary, because I was so moved by how beautiful my daughter looked in hers.


My top tip

When I go out these days, I either have a glass of wine or dessert, but not both. I make a conscious choice to have one or the other.


My exercise

I’m back to being really active again. I’m excited about burning off energy, and I count my steps (my goal is 10,000 steps a day). But I don’t have to prove anything to myself now. That’s why I bought myself an e-bike. I’m actually in good enough shape to use a bike without electronic support, but these days, I mostly bike for fun. It’s so nice to bike up to a mountain lake, spend an hour or two in the sunshine, then leisurely cycle back home with a smile on my face. It’s one of my ways of treating myself.


My thoughts for the future

At 50, women’s bodies are changing, but so are our lives: our children start to spread their wings and leave the nest. I feel better prepared for these changes now. I still have a lot planned; there’s so much I want to do and see, and I’m looking forward to sharing time with my husband. And actually, I get more compliments on my appearance now than I did 30 years ago, despite my grey hair!