Nikki: I lost an incredible 9st

and celebrated her by appearing as cover star on the WW magazine.
Published 7 December, 2016

Nikki's story 

Name: Nikki
Weight loss: 9st 11lb
Start weight: 21st 3lb
Goal weight: 11st
Current weight: 11st 6lb
Age: 41
Height: 5ft 6ins
Time taken so far: 1 year 3 months

"What I love about WW is that I can still eat the food I love – I just eat smarter."

Light-bulb moment It was during a family holiday to Cyprus in 2014, that I realised something had to change. At over 21st, I could only fit in size-24 dresses and was thoroughly miserable. I spent most of my time hiding out in the sea, because I couldn’t bear the humiliation of struggling to get on a sun lounger, my wobbly arms and legs on show. When I arrived home I was determined to change. I joined WW and nearly burst into tears when I stepped on the scales, weighing 21st 3lbs. With so much to lose, it felt like too big a mountain to climb – but now I’m just 7lb away from goal!

Break your progress down into small steps…. I’d been trying to lose weight for years before joining WW. Unhealthy food was my downfall – chocolate digestives for breakfast, a stodgy sandwich and crisps for lunch, Chinese takeaway for dinner. When I look back at how I used to eat, I can’t believe the rubbish I put in my body! But by breaking the challenge down in to small, easy steps, I soon discovered it all added up and made progress more quickly and easily than I imagined. Make small food substitutions and you’ll hardly notice the difference… 0 per cent fat Greek yogurt instead of cream, calorie controlled spray instead of olive or vegetable oil, and low-fat mayo instead of butter. Sometimes they’re even tastier than the fatty versions! 

Plan ahead One thing that helps me is planning all my meals in advance. My supermarket trolley now has one section for me full of fresh, healthy food – and another section dedicated to the odd naughty treat for the rest of the family. I prepare chopped up carrots or sugar snap peas with houmous so I’m never tempted to snack on sweet things. When I do need to satisfy a sugar craving, I have grapes, low-fat yogurt or hot chocolate.

My yes moment ‘I have a couple of yes moments. First, being able to fasten my seatbelt on the plane with extra room to spare and not having to ask for a seatbelt extension. Second, finding my maid of honour dress from Coast in a size 14 and looking and feeling confident wearing it.’