Nicky: I want my son to be proud of me

After her son was born, Nicky found it difficult to shift the baby weight, but as he neared school age, she was determined not to be the ‘fat mum’ at the school gate.
Published 17 February, 2020

Before I joined WW I’d fallen into a slump. I never lost my baby weight after having my son, Soren, and I felt lazy, low and lethargic. I’d stuff my face with rubbish from the cupboard and takeaways. I didn’t cook for myself at all, and I hardly ate any vegetables. When Soren was about to start school, I didn’t want to embarrass him by being the fat mum at the school gates. A friend said she was joining WW and the next week we went to our first Workshop together. As I got into a rhythm with the plan and ate more fruit and vegetables, and cut back on carbs and sugar, it really boosted my energy levels.


Then I hit a hurdle. Two years ago, I got divorced and moved to an area where I didn’t know anyone. I also went freelance and was working from home. I tried to stick to the plan online, but without the weekly weigh-in it was easy to self-sabotage. The weight went back on. Eventually, I rejoined a Workshop in my area. It didn’t just help my weight - it also boosted my wellbeing. I was part of something – I went to my Workshop every week and was able to have actual adult conversation!


I’m kept busy taking Soren to the cinema, and he loves bowling. After the school run and before work, I’ll walk around the park. It’s great to get out of the house and blow the cobwebs away. WW has helped me to be not only be more mindful about eating, but also to rediscover my lust for life.


Why Nicky loves the WW app

Social media is such a positive in my life. I’m a member of a lot of Facebook groups and am really active in the WW Online community - Connect. I chat to other WW members, and that’s how I discovered that WW Ambassador Jude lives just down the road from me. We met up for a coffee and now we often pop over to each other’s houses for tea and cake. That support really helps me. Even if it’s just someone messaging on Instagram to say ‘well done’ when I’d lost a pound that week.