What is WW Connect?

It's our super social, super friendly community on your WW app.

WW was born when Jean Nidetch gathered friends to create a likeminded community of people who wanted to lose weight. They didn't just lose weight; they transformed their lives, and inspired millions to do the same.

We've known since 1963 that a great support network is one of the secrets to successful weight loss, and a lasting transition to a healthier lifestyle.

That's why we built Connect, a social platform for WW members that thrives on positive energy, encouragement, humour and candid conversation.

Connect is a gateway to our incredible WW community, where you can find support, inspiration and motivation from thousands of members as you work towards your personal healthy living goals. 

What can I do on Connect? 


There's loads you can do on Connect! Here are a few to get you started:

  • NEW! Find people like you with Connect Groups. Join groups based on your interests, journey, or hobbies – creating a community of support, encouragement and motivation.



  • Post photos or videos of your journey, recipes that you love, things that inspire you, and every weight loss success along the way. (#thenandnow, #smallgoals, #nonscalevictory)
  • Cheer on other members by liking and commenting on their posts
  • Participate in motivational challenges such as #motivation and the #bluedotchallenge
  • Share victories on and off the scale, and post your Journey badges and stickers on your photos
  • Find and follow people you want to keep up with. Check out #letsdothis, #thinkdifferently, #mywwjourney
  • See success stories on and off the scale, and your fellow members' best tips.