Melissa: I'm living proof that even busy mums can lose weight

Since joining WW, she’s lost 1st 10lb and completed her first 10k run.
Published 1 December, 2016

Melissa's story 

Name: Melissa
Weight loss: 1st 10lb
Start weight: 11st 11lb
Goal weight: 9st 10lb
Current weight: 10st 8lb
Age: 40
Height: 5ft 2in
Time taken so far: 1 year 5 months

"Your fellow members are there for you, and understand what’s going on."

Remember that you’re beautiful My mum died in 2014 and I comfort ate. I felt like my outside didn’t match the real me inside. On New Year’s Eve 2014, I went shopping for a dress but could only fit into a size 16. I refused to buy one, and spent the night at home rather than out with my friends. I thought, ‘this is ridiculous’, and a few months later I joined WW. Once I did, there was no turning back! To anyone else just starting on their weight-loss journey, I’d say always remember that no matter how you look on the outside, your body’s still a work in progress. Inside, you’re a beautiful person.

Be honest When I started my weight-loss journey, I took a photo of myself in a horrible tent dress. It was the only thing I felt comfortable in, because it hid my bulges. I’m so pleased I took that photo. When I find myself asking ‘why am I doing this?’ or fancying a tempting snack, looking back at that picture reminds me exactly why! It’s part of the effort I’ve made on my journey to be honest, to both myself and others. And the most important way I’ve been honest is to record absolutely everything I eat on the WW app.

Don't use ‘I’m too busy’ as an excuse A stressful job – and being a single mum to two boys – meant that it wasn’t hard to gain weight without realising it. For me, it’s been helpful to set lots of realistic small goals, rather than one big goal, which can sometimes be daunting. And I’ve learned that I’m more likely to stay on track by attending my WW Workshop, even if I’ve had a ‘bad’ weekend. I think if you miss just one, that’s a step closer to never going back at all. If you don’t go when you’re feeling low, how else will you get that support and motivation? I also make regular visits to my Workshop’s Facebook page. The message you will find there is to never give up, even if your weight goes up. Tomorrow is another day.

My yes moment Running a 10k in July 2016 and realising that was something I couldn’t do before. Exercise has made a huge difference to me and anyone can do it, even if it’s just a little bit a few times a week. It supports weight loss, but also helps release happy endorphins to keep you positive.