Louise: I lost over 2st with the help of my Instagram meals

WW magazine cover star Louise discovered a love for cooking, finding inspiration through social media and her new followers...
Published 11 April, 2016

Louise's story 

Name: Louise
Weight loss: 2st 1lb
Was: 10st 12lb
Now: 8st 11lb
Age: 35
Height: 5'
How long it took: 5 months
How she did it: WW Workshop with her WW Coach, Fiona


"When I put on a nice little dress and heels for a quick snap before a night out, I feel great."

Didn't feel like me anymore Since having my twin boys, I had to dig deep to find the energy I needed to be a good mum. I powered myself on whatever foods were close to hand. It took me four years to recognise that I just didn’t feel like myself any more.

WW was the plan for me From the outset, I knew WW was the plan for me. Losing 6lb in my first week was a jaw-dropper – and so motivating! I’d set up an Instagram account just before I joined, for fun. But when I started the plan and began posting pictures of what I was eating, I quickly gained followers. That fuelled me to get into the kitchen and create more recipes – the more I posted, the more interaction I had with an audience who clearly felt the same way I did.

Ditched takeaways for 'fakeaways' I’d never cooked from scratch before joining WW – every meal started with a jar of sauce. But with so many eyes watching me, I had to up the ante. I wanted my meals to look as amazing as possible. We ditched takeaways for Friday night ‘fakeaways’, such as chicken tikka masala with cauliflower ‘rice’ and wholemeal pittas.

I feel great! As I got smaller, my audience of followers got bigger. I am searingly honest with them – if I’ve gone off track at the weekend, I fess up. I think that helps my Instagram feed feel more human. It’s helped me up the ante on the style front, too, as people can now see me! I’ve allowed some more figure-hugging stuff into my wardrobe. When I put on a nice little dress and heels for a quick snap before a night out, I feel great.

I love my food more than ever I still put being a mum first and I have a part-time job. But now, in the evenings and at the weekend, I develop recipes, shoot them, then get to eat all the delicious, healthy food. Doing so has helped me stay at my goal weight – as well as having an engaging new hobby, I feel great and love my food more than ever.

Find Louise on Instagram at @lou_wwgoldmember