Lizzie: City breaks? No problem!

After spending holidays feeling breathless and exhausted, Lizzie got fit in time for a very active trip to New York
Published 25 June, 2018
"I’m now a size 8-10, and since getting fit, I’ve even joined a netball team. "

Start weight: 14st 8lb | Weight loss:  4st 5lb 
Current weight: 10st 3lb 
Height: 5' 7" |  Age: 22
Studio: Digital

Weight struggles

I'd been overweight for much of my life, struggling as a child because my parents owned a sweet shop – the temptation was always there. Then, as an adult, I juggled two jobs and turned to chocolate, crisps and takeaways for convenience. One month, I didn’t eat a single piece of fruit or veg!  

Holiday blues

But it was on holiday in Gran Canaria that I knew my weight was a problem. As a size 18-20, the heat and humidity was almost too much for me – I could barely manage a stroll along the coast. My boyfriend and I had planned to visit New York during our next holiday, but my time in the Canary Islands proved there was no way I’d be fit enough to enjoy it.

Joining WW

Spurred on by our plans, I joined WW Digital from our hotel room. I returned home determined to get in shape so we could book our trip to New York, and started tracking everything I ate and drank using the app. I also started walking more – and realised that by being active, I could enjoy food and still stay on track.

Getting to goal

I got to goal six months after joining. I’m now a size 8-10, and since getting fit, I’ve even joined a netball team. But the best part is that we’ve finally been able to take our dream trip to New York – and thanks to WW, I was able to explore the city (and its amazing food!) with ease.