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Lindsey: I still felt like the overweight girl

Dating was a foreign concept for Lindsey, but now she’s embracing it –and her new look!
Published 27 February, 2018
" I’m making up for lost time and learning to enjoy being me. "
Weight Watchers member Lindsey
Weight Watchers member Lindsey

Start weight: 15st 11lb | Weight loss:  4st 12lb 
Current weight: 10st 13lb 
Height: 5' 4" |  Age: 34
Studio: Glyndwr University, Wrexham
Wellness Coach: Margaret Roberts 

For years I’d felt miserable about my weight,

but it wasn’t until my twin sister had a heart  attack that I was shocked into taking action. I joined WW, but whenever my husband and I had a row, I’d binge on ice cream.

I wondered whether it was my weight that was making me miserable,

or my marriage. We decided to separate and our divorce was finalised when I was a year into my weight-loss journey. About six weeks after my separation, I met someone new, but we were mismatched.  While I was missing the things couples do  – like nights on the sofa – and aware I wanted  to have children one day, he was younger than me and not looking to settle down.

I’d been with my ex since I was 19

and had never even been on a first date, so the idea terrified me. I tried Tinder , but found most of the men were only looking for one thing. I also joined, which has led to a few dates, but I’ve actually had more success meeting men the old-fashioned way – in bars!

My first proper date was with a guy

 who chatted me up in a bar, which  felt so alien to me. I’d always been  the overweight girl – not the one getting attention. And even though I’ve gone from a size 22 to a 10, it’s still hard to accept compliments.

Now that my confidence has grown,

single life is good fun and I feel better about myself on every date. I love getting dressed up and meeting new people. I’m making up for lost time and learning to enjoy being me.