Success Stories

Laraine and Launa: We couldn’t have done it without each other

This mum and daughter duo went on a get-healthy journey together and lost a combined 4st in the process! Here’s what they’ve learned along the way...
"Posting pics on Instagram has been an important tool for me, and helped me stay on track"

Mum Laraine
Start weight: 14st 10lb | Weight loss:  2st 3lb | Current weight: 12st 7lb 
Height: 5' 8" |  Age: 53
Studio: Outwood Church Institute, Wakefield 
WW Coach: Sarah Swift

Daughter Launa
Start weight: 10st 2lb | Weight loss: 1st 10lb | Current weight: 8st 6lb 
Height: 5' 4" |  Age: 22
Studio: Outwood Church Institute, Wakefield
WW Coach: Sarah Swift 

Use photos of yourself as inspiration

Laraine says: ‘I keep lots of photos of myself on my phone – both the heavier me and the slimmer me – so I can compare them whenever I’m struggling.’

Buy quality kitchen scales

Laraine says: ‘Having my scales within reach in the kitchen keeps me from guessing quantities, which is a mistake I’ve made in the past. Digital scales are so accurate and really easy to use.’

Share your journey online

Launa says: ‘Posting pics on Instagram has been an important tool for me, and helped me stay on track. The support and positive comments I’ve received have given me such a boost.’

Try a food flask

Launa says: ‘If you work away from home, don’t just rely on salads for lunch. I microwave something healthy in the morning before I leave for work, then put it in a flask to keep it warm until lunch.’

Make a Friday fakeaway

Launa says: ‘Mum and I love making our own naan bread and the veggie jalfrezi from the WW One Pot cookbook. It’s our favourite way to treat ourselves without going totally off our eating plan.’