Jordanna: I lost 5st on my amazing fitness journey

Two years ago, Jordanna hated the gym, weighed more than 15st and suffered from low self-confidence. Now she has transformed her life, having lost nearly 5st and started studying to become a PT.
Published 16 April, 2019
"Two years ago, no one would have thought I'd be where I am today. I love how good it feels to be fit, and I want to share it with the world."

Weight loss: 4st 13lb 
Age: 23
WW Workshop: Leicester Holy Cross Church, Leicester
WW Coach: Jo Wyld

My wellness journey

Anyone who met me two years ago would have struggled to imagine I'd become the person I am today. Back then, I worked in a job I didn't enjoy, was overweight, and had no self-confidence. Now I'm a much healthier weight and am about to launch a new career as a personal trainer. I'm also feeling more confident than ever.

At school, I despised PE and would do anything to get out of it. Changing into my gym kit in front of others was horrible and I struggled to keep up with everyone else. Like others, I just wanted to be able to wear nice clothes and feel my best, like my friends and twin sister Brittany.  I also knew I wasn't making healthy choices when it came to meals and my portions where huge.


Unlikely ambition

While working in a call centre, I decided to take action to change my unhealthy lifestyle and take up exercise. Not only that, but I also made the decision to change my career and become a personal trainer. The first step was to join a gym. I signed up to a women-only gym with some friends, but after a couple of weeks, all my friends gave up, but I stuck with it.

One day, I went to the gym on my own and hit a punch bag for an hour, really going for it. When I'd finished, I felt exhausted, but something inside me had changed. All the stress of the day had left me and my worries about not being as good as everyone else had gone too. I had never felt true passion for anything before, but the gym had ignited something inside me. 


Joining WW

In August 2016, I started studying gym instructing and personal training. But despite getting physically and mentally stronger, I was still overweight. My sister Brittany was a WW member and had done well on the programme so I agreed to go to a WW Workshop with her to try it for myself. The first time I stood on the scales and saw I weighed more than 15st, I cried. But Brittany gave me a hug and promised I could do it. 

As I lost weight, I realised that exercise was becoming easier for me. Channelling my frustrations into the punches and kicks is a great way to de-stress. Now, I go to a mixed gym and my confidence has grown. I love working out so much now that I get upset if I don't do it - even if it's just taking Prince, our dog, for a walk. Fitness helps me work out all my aggression and stress. 


Reaching goal

I reached my goal weight of 11st in July 2018, and have since lost even more, but for me, it's never been about wearing a certain size - it's about having power. Exercise makes me feel so good. These days, I'm strong and confident and that's what I want to keep building on. 

Thanks to the gym - and WW - I truly love how good it feels to be strong and I want to be able to share my passion with the world.