Fiona: Meet the best me!

Not one to do things by halves, when Fiona decided to improve her health and happiness, she ended up overhauling her whole life. Now, it's better than ever
Published 2 January, 2018
"I’ve had to have my wedding rings resized due to them spinning on my finger!"

Start weight: 13st 13lb | Weight loss: 3st 10lb
Current weight: 10st 3lb | Goal weight: 10st 13lb
Height: 5' 8" |  Age: 47
Studio: Faringdon, Oxfordshire
   WW Coach: Helen Martin-Hicks

The old me

For as long  as I can remember, I’ve been a total foodie. But in the past, my love of food wasn’t matched by an understanding of how I should be eating. I’d whip up something delicious, then scoff a huge portion. Plus, I was really busy at work and eating in response to stress. Meanwhile, my mum’s health was declining and I could see how being overweight had taken a toll on her body. Feeling unhappy, unhealthy and weighing nearly 14st, I realised something had to change.

My journey

I decided a complete lifestyle change was the only way forward. Knowing I wanted to spend more time with Mum and reduce my stress levels, I made the tough decision to quit my job. My next task was to lose weight, but I knew I needed steering in the right direction if I wanted my weight loss to be sustainable. The idea of a support network and weekly Wellness Check-in to push me that bit further appealed to me, so I joined WW and started working out with a personal trainer. It wasn’t long before the compliments started rolling in from my husband! But, best of all, the plan brought a new dimension to my love of food. WW cookbooks inspired me to be more experimental than I’d ever been in the kitchen, and when I began to showcase my colourful dishes on Instagram, I was overwhelmed by the support I found there and my confidence soared.

The best me

Having reached goal and then going on to lose a few more pounds, I’m now happy with my weight and am maintaining. But the non-scale victories keep on coming. I’ve had to have my wedding rings resized due to them spinning on my finger; I’ve donated all my ‘big’ clothes to charities close to my heart; and I’ve recently exceeded 4000 Instagram followers! This is it. I’ve adopted this lifestyle completely, so much so that my next project is to write my own cookbook and create a recipe blog. Watch this space!