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Emma-Jayne: I lost 2st for my wedding (with the help of mum and gran)

Emma-Jayne’s family spotted her shaky confidence as her wedding approached, and showed their support by making WW a family affair. Now she’s a WW magazine cover star!
Published 25 January, 2016

Emma-Jayne's story 

Name: Emma-Jayne
Weight loss: 2st 1lb
Was: 11st 7lb
Now: 9st 6lb
Age: 25
Height: 5'4"
How long it took: 5 months
How she did it: WW Workshop with her WW Coach, Adele        

"It felt wonderful to walk down the aisle weighing 9st 10lb; I was showered with compliments. "

‘Miss, you’re really big,’ ​Children tell it like it is. ‘Miss, you’re really big,’ one of my pupils helpfully pointed out. I couldn’t blame him; being a teacher can play havoc with your waistline. As a size 16 my confidence was shaky – I just didn’t feel like me. When my fiancé, Luke, and I set the date for our wedding, I settled on a size 16 wedding dress. I honestly didn’t consider that I could feel better.

Following the plan together helped make it achievable It was my gran, Doreen, who put the thought in my head, saying that she wanted to lose some weight for the wedding. I decided there and then to join WW with her – and then my mum Alison joined us, too. Following the plan together helped make it achievable. There’s nothing like back-up to keep you on track: I lost nearly 2st in five months. It felt wonderful to walk down the aisle weighing 9st 10lb; I was showered with compliments. 

3 secrets to my success:

1. Having a goal My wedding was my end goal and it worried me that after the big day, I wouldn’t have anything to work towards. That was silly – now I set other targets, like my honeymoon and my friend’s upcoming wedding.

2. Yoga I practice three times a week and it’s made me toned and so much stronger.

3. My husband Luke has been so helpful. He’s great at supporting me if I feel an urge to reach for chocolate!