Brett’s life of family, food and friends

Published 22 December, 2018

Brett, Workshop + Digital, Lost 1st 6lbs*

*People following the WeightWatchers weight-loss programme can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Brett lost weight on a previous version of the programme and WW Freestyle™.

In Brett’s words:
I used to have this picture of myself on my desk: I had long hair weighed over 18st. I unintentionally looked a bit like Meatloaf! I was a prime candidate for heart disease, had low confidence and felt like a terrible mess.

I first joined WW with my now-wife, Alexandra in 1999, with a focus on losing weight. But our attendance at WW Workshops dropped off in 2007 when our first child was born.

During that first pregnancy (and the second), our healthy eating routine and attendance at Workshops was lost to fatigue and fast food. As time went by as a father, I realised it was important for me to get healthy so I can be there for my kids.

A fresh start

Personal support with one-on-one coaching
Alexandra and I re-joined WW in 2013 after the birth of our third child, this time attending one-on-one Workshops. That changed everything for us! Spending time with a WW Coach each week really kept us on track with our weight-loss and wellness goals.

WW app makes the program easy to follow
WW app has helped me stay balanced when it comes to food choices and the recipes give me plenty of culinary inspiration for cooking at home. What I really loved about WW Freestyle was the flexibility: I could go out with my mates and not feel like I have to miss out. I could and still can, eat whatever I want.

It's been fantastic to have Alexandra on the journey with me. It means that we both keep each other motivated. On the weekends, we pick WW recipes to cook and we get the kids involved.

How Brett’s success with WW has improved his life

Since joining WW my health has changed dramatically. I now have the energy and stamina to run around and keep up with our kids.

I’ve also found a love of activity, joined sporting teams, and even completed a fun run with my work colleagues. I love having the energy and fitness level to play sport at lunchtime.

WW has brought me so much more than a lower number on the scale. But the best thing of all is establishing a healthier lifestyle with my family. I want to stay healthy so I will be there for my wife and kids.