Anabel: I lost 6st 3lb ahead of my wedding day!

After joining WW, she walked down the aisle as a gorgeous size 14. Now, she’s down to a 12 and reveals how she did it…
Published 12 December, 2016

Anabel's story 

Name: Anabel
Weight loss: 7st
Was: 16st 13lb
Now: 9st 13lb
Age: 29
Time taken so far: 2 years 8 months

Look after your emotional health In February 2009, I got engaged to my now husband Andy, and there was no way I was going to be a size-22 bride in my dress. I joined WW the following week and was mortified that I was almost 17st. My wedding was a real motivation, but as the pounds fell off I learned more than how to cook meals from scratch – I realised I needed to put myself first and look after my emotional health too. Rather than comfort eating, mindlessly reaching for chocolate to make myself feel better, I learned to take a few minutes out to relax and enjoy being in the moment instead.

Always turn up to WW Workshops When I first reached goal, I skipped a few meetings and put back on a stone. So now I always attend – I’ve discovered 80 per cent of success is simply about turning up. If you’ve had a bad week, it’s natural to want to try to get back onto the plan yourself, but WW Workshops help you refocus your mind and start afresh.

Staying positive can take you far For me, staying positive is the most important factor on any weight loss journey. I always repeat the mantra, ‘Your head has to be in the right place first’. I have two adorable pugs, Alfie and Ming, and taking them out for walks is my ‘me time’. Even if it’s for 10 or 15 minutes a day, getting out in the fresh air gives me a chance to wind down from the day and gives me a bit of headspace. It’s so important to look after your mind as well as your body on your weight-loss journey.

My yes moment Before my wedding I set myself a goal to lose 100lbs and nothing was going to stop me. Fitting in to my size-14 gown on my wedding day was the best feeling ever. I felt absolutely beautiful and, as I walked down the aisle, I realised how far I’d come.