Amanda: I’m loving my new waistline!

Since getting healthy, Amanda’s learned to banish negative thinking and celebrate the bits of her body she loves
Published 12 June, 2018
" I’m healthy and in the best shape ever, even after having my miracle baby!"

Start weight: 16st | Weight loss:  4st 9lb 
Current weight: 11st 5lb 
Height: 5' 7" |  Age: 36
Studio: Feltham, Middlesex 
WW Coach: Jennie Crook

Bigger portions

made me gain weight as a teenager, but polycystic ovary syndrome, which I was diagnosed with at 16, played a part. I couldn’t stick to diets, and after getting engaged to my now husband, Martin, I settled into sharing takeaways and crisps on the sofa.

I managed to lose over 4st

with WW before our wedding, but then I discovered I was pregnant, despite my condition. I was elated when Maxwell was born, but used breastfeeding (and the extra calories I’d been told I’d need) as an excuse to tuck into sweet treats.

At 16st, I re-joined WW

I took it slowly, but after getting to goal, I’m now wearing a size 12 for the first time in decades! Martin suggested that I start tucking in my shirts, and I found I actually liked what I saw in the mirror – now I’m proudly showing off my new shapely waist! I'm healthy and in the best shape ever, even after having my miracle baby, and that’s worth celebrating!