Alison: 6 secrets of my weight-loss success

Alison was inspired to lose weight with her mum Doreen and daughter Emma-Jayne – here’s what she learned on her journey
Published 15 February, 2016

Alison's story 

Name: Alison
Weight loss: 2st 10.5lb
Was: 12st 0.5lb
Now: 9st 4lb
Age: 49
Height: 5'3"  

"I can’t describe the joy I felt when I got to goal – I almost leapt off the scales with excitement. "

1. I realised that you’re never too old to stop learning As a teacher, I should know that. But you don’t expect to be taught a lesson by your 75-year old mum. When my mum Doreen and my daughter Emma-Jayne announced they were joining WW, I ummed and ahhed for ages about joining them. But I looked at my mum, who has been a Gold Member for years and stayed in really great shape, and decided that she could teach me a thing or two about weight control.

2. Having weight-loss buddies helps Going to WW Workshops with mum and Emma-Jayne has been great for support – and there’s also been a good dose of healthy competition. When you get on the scales and you see they’ve only lost one pound and you’ve lost two, you really feel for them, even though you’re pleased for yourself.

3. I like to challenge myself Like Mum and Emma-Jayne, I’m in an amateur dramatics society – and there’s nothing like the thought of hundreds of people watching you, to inspire you to lose weight!

4. I always pay attention in class Listening to the talk after each Workshop was invaluable to me. It kept me motivated and gave me new ideas to help me stay on track.

5. I appreciate all the benefits of getting to goal I can’t describe the joy I felt when I got to goal – I almost leapt off the scales with excitement. But in addition to that, boy, have I noticed a difference in myself. I have way more energy and, for the first time in ages, I actually enjoy choosing clothes. Taking my seat at Emma-Jayne’s beautiful wedding service wearing a size-10 dress made me feel like a very special mother-of-the-bride.

6. I realised I can inspire others, too Now even my husband Ray is getting in on the act. He’s seen what a difference it’s made to us all and has also joined – it’s getting to be a real family affair!