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Rhug estate chicken from Chef Marcus Wareing

We teamed up with Michelin star chef Marcus Wareing to celebrate becoming WW.

The name WW reflects that we’re becoming the world’s partner in wellness and what better way to celebrate the evolution, than spend a day with Michelin star chef – Marcus Wareing.

Not only did WW Members get to enjoy a delicious menu created by the man himself, but he also spoke to us about how wellness is top of his priority list.


WW x Marcus Wareing
WW x Marcus Wareing

What do you think about WW’s evolution?

When I first touched base with WW it struck how close my life is to it, as a father and a restaurateur. It dawned on me how much everybody's life is based around what we eat and how we cook it. From my mother-in-law, who has been a WW Member, to my children.

I think more about what I eat than what I put on my menu. What I feed my body and what I feed my family is the most important thing that I do - making sure we manage our health and our wellbeing.  I love what WW are doing and the creative thinking of it.  This global brand has always been there but I think there's a lot of things about where it's going that is going to open up a whole new way of life to so many people.


Being a chef must be stressful.  How do you find you work/life balance?

First of all cheffing is not a stressful job.  It's stressful if you make it stressful. It's how you deal with it.

Wellbeing is about balance. There were certain stages in my career where my wellbeing was about my job. I put a massive amount of effort into learning my trade, and enjoying my job.  Wellbeing came into light when I needed to change my work/life balance - children, wife, schools, activities.  My father was never part of my childhood, because he was always at work.  And when he finally did retire, his children were adults and had left, so he missed four children growing up.  I vowed never to do that. I wanted to be part of my children's lives.  So I make an effort. Wanting to be a part of their lives gives me time to have a better wellbeing and enjoy what I'm doing.  Cooking, eating, being on the sports pitch. It's a 24-hour day, seven days a week and I try and utilise as much of it as I can.



What do you do to keep fit?


I go to the gym, run, cycle with my kids in the park. Go for long dog walks.  My sport is to keep the heart pumping, and that's my me time.  It's a bit of an escape. That is my go-to space and just gives me a little bit of thinking without [digital] devices.

When it comes to cooking, how do you do things differently at home?

I don’t.  Cooking is a central part of my house. The kitchen is a central part of our life. It's what I do.  I still have my own personal standards of how I work - the way I clean down, the way I season, the way I fry, the way I present my food on a plate.  I don't dress it, I just put it on neatly.

And that rubs off on my family, especially my wife, Jane. She's an amazing chef. Even my children, I'll always question the way that they've done something, and say if you do it this way you'll see a massive improvement.


You're a judge on Masterchef: The Professionals ­. How long do you see the show running for?

We've just filmed our 11th series, I've been doing it for the last five. Masterchef is on series 14.  Oh and by the way it was also on TV in the 90s with Lloyd Grossman! So I believe it will just keep going and going, because people are interested in food.  In that show you've got professional and amateur people pushing themselves to the limit in a TV process that is all based on food.

At WW we love good food

Marcus’ contribution to British food and cooking has made him one of the most respected and acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs in Britain. At WW we love good food and Marcus has created a delicious recipe you can create to enjoy fine dining at home!  

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