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How can I get more information about  WW Cruise?

For information about these exciting cruises, visit our FAQ pages or call Cruise1st on 0808 302 5783.


Can a spouse/friend/family member who is not following the WW programme  come on the cruise as well? Do they pay the same rate as a WW member?

Yes; everyone is welcomed and the more the merrier! Rates do not vary based on whether you are a WW member.


What is included in the cost of the cruise?

The cost of the WW Cruise includes shipboard accommodation and ocean transportation; exclusive socials, workshops and classes; port charges; and the ship’s entertainment and amenities, including the gym, salt water pools, and sports facilities. It also includes access to our exclusive WW programme and a specially prepared buffet of meals with SmartPoints, plus water, tea and coffee served with meals.


What’s not included in the cost of the cruise?

Besides taxes, tips for your meals and room steward, the following are not included: use of spa treatments and facilities; salon services; wine, spirits, and other beverages (except the water, tea, and coffee served with meals and the complimentary beverages served at our evening socials); and shore excursions offered by MSC Cruises and WW Cruise.


What if I’m physically disabled?

MSC Cruise ships are ADA friendly. There are a limited number of handicapped-equipped cabins available for full time wheelchair users and should be requested at time of booking. Check with our reservations department for availability.

If you require a wheelchair for embarkation and disembarkation only, this should be requested 30 days prior to departure.  You may bring your own wheelchair or electric scooter on board. Electric scooters and batteries must be stored and charged in your stateroom.  ​Rental of wheelchairs, motorised scooters, or other equipment for use on board must be booked through Special Needs at Sea, a third-party equipment provider. Visit their website to see what’s available for rent on the on the MSC Seaview and to request a quote.


Preparing for your trip

Will I need a passport or visa?

At the time of writing (Feb 2019) passport or passport card is now required for all UK passengers travelling on this Mediterranean Cruise. If you have a passport, it must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of travel. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with any incremental requirements that may be needed after 29th March 2019 (date of Britain leaving the EU).

Citizens of other countries need a valid passport and may need a valid entry permit visa, since you will be entering the EU to embark on the cruise. Please check current visa requirements with your Consulate General or a travel agent in your area to be sure you have the required documents. Your first and last name on your passport must exactly match the first and last name on your ticket. If you need to change the name on your ticket, please phone our travel partner Cruise1st on 0808 271 6790.

You are responsible for obtaining and bringing all necessary travel documents and for complying with customs and immigration requirements.  Guests without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the vessel, and no refund of the costs of the cruise will be given to any guest failing to bring such documentation.


Where do I get on and off the ship in Barcelona?

Port of Barcelona (Port de Barcelona) is where you will board the MSC Seaview. You may come by taxi, ride-share, or drive and park. The ship will most likely be docked in Terminal A (Muelle Adosado/Moll Adossat). This terminal designation is subject to change, so we urge you to follow the electronic signage provided at the port entrance.


Which airport should I fly into?

Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the closest airport to the port


I’m booking a flight, what time should I arrive?

We encourage you to arrive to the port around noon on the day of your departure. WW will host an exclusive Kick-Off later in the afternoon. You must arrive at the port no later than 2 hours before ship embarkation time.

What time should I book my return flight?

Disembarkation will begin once the ship is cleared by Customs and Border Protection around 7:30 am. Everyone is generally off the ship by 10:30 am.

MSC Cruises recommends that you schedule a return flight from Barcelona-El Prat Airport after 12:00 p.m. International guests should allow an extra 60-90 minutes, so schedule flights at 1:30 p.m. or later.


How do I get from the airport to the port?

Barcelona–El Prat Airport is a 9-mile (15 km) 20-25 minute drive from the port. Taxi is the recommended form of transportation from the airport to the port at around 39 euros. While MSC does not offer transfers from the airport to the port, taxis can be easily found outside the terminals. Ubers are available at about 20 euros; however due to regulations they may not always be available.

There is no direct bus connection between this airport and the port, but you could take the Aerobus to Plaça Espanya and then travel to the port by Portbus or by taxi. The Aerobus costs 5.90 euros.

I want to arrive the day before disembarkation, can you recommend a hotel?

Please consult with our travel partner, Cruise1st, who will be pleased to recommend a hotel nearby.


How early can we embark?

Boarding typically begins around noon on the day of your departure. You must be on board NO LATER than 2 hours prior to sail time.


When do we get off the ship at the end of the cruise?

Disembarkation on Saturday, July 27, 2019, will begin once the ship is cleared. Everyone is generally off the ship by 10:30 am.


How can I arrange for early disembarkation?

Early disembarkation must be requested on the ship. The easiest,  most efficient, and quickest way to disembark the ship is the self-assist program. Guests are responsible for carrying off their own luggage and can disembark once the ship is cleared.

The self-assist form and instructions are delivered to cabins during the cruise. Priority disembarkation can be requested via reception for guests who have early flights. Early disembarkation typically begins around 6:15 a.m.


Packing List

What clothing should I pack?

Light, casual clothing or “resort casual” is the norm during the day. Don’t forget your swimwear, cover-up, sunglasses, and sun hat. If you plan to participate in yoga, Pilates or other fitness classes, we suggest trainers and loose cotton clothing or other comfortable attire. Athletic shoes are required for fitness activities.

Your preference of long trousers, chinos, skirts or dresses are recommended for smart casual dinner attire. Along with smart shoes, fashion sandals, flats, or comfortable heels. After 6:00 p.m., jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and bare feet are discouraged in the ships' public areas.

The ship has two gala nights for optional evening attire at dinner.  Typically, on these two nights, there is a range from business casual to formal wear. MSC also hosts a variety of themed dress-up nights, such as MSC events are optional and in addition to the social events WW has planned.

Although all cabins are air conditioned and individually controlled, we are not able to control the temperature in the public spaces such as the dining room and lecture rooms, which may be cool, so a scarf and sweater or light jacket is recommended.


I’ve booked a few excursions, what should I pack?

We recommend reviewing your excursion itinerary for specifics. Each destination offers a unique variety of adventure, culture, or relaxation. Depending on what you choose, a few items to consider packing include water shoes or water sandals, athletic shoes, goggles or snorkel mask, bug spray, GoPro, and a waterproof camera case. Sun protection, like sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses, and bottles of water are encouraged.


What else should I pack?

Toiletries such as conditioner, lotion, and sunscreen along with electronic cables and chargers. We also suggest bringing a travel clock to account for delays in your phone changing time zones and a travel adapter for charging in public spaces.


Can I bring a hair straightener or curling iron?

A hair dryer is provided in every cabin. Heat-generating devices (like hair straighteners, electric kettles, electric blanket, etc.) are discouraged on board.


Is laundry service available?

Yes, laundry service is available for purchase. Prices range from 10-15 Euros. For more information or to book please go to “My Booking” on the MSC website.


What will the weather be?

The weather is generally warm in the Mediterranean at this time of year, but​ it can be cool and breezy in the mornings and evenings out on the deck. Temperatures may range from mid-to-high 20s.   


How much cash should I bring?

The ship operates on a cashless system. All charges incurred while onboard will be charged to your credit card in one payment at the end of the cruise, unless you choose to pay the total in cash. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted on board. If you are using a credit card to set up your shipboard account, you may do so easily by using one of the kiosks throughout the vessel.

We recommend calling your credit card company prior to boarding to inform them of your travel and to enquire about foreign transaction fees.

Cash is recommended for purchasing items from port vendors and for transportation at port locations.


Do I need to convert my cash to a different to a currency?

We recommend converting currency prior to departure. Relatively small amounts of cash can be converted at Guest Relations on the ship.  

If you are sailing with us in July 2019, euros is the local currency on-and-off the ship.


How many suitcases can I bring?

Each guest is allowed to bring up to 90kg of personal luggage onboard the ship. However, airlines weight limitations are generally between 20-25kg. Luggage tags will be part of your e-ticket and they can also be collected at the pier. Be sure to use the luggage tags on your baggage to ensure their delivery to your cabin. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin during the course of the afternoon on embarkation day. We do not have the precise time, so we recommend having any essential items you may need with you.


On the Ship

What classes and activities are offered onboard?

The WW Cruise brings together all the best of WW! In addition to WW Wellness Workshops with WW Coaches, every day offers dozens of curated and exclusive movement classes, cooking demos, lectures, and social events. During the WW Cruise, your day can be as relaxing or action-packed as you want it to be.

MSC Cruises also offers a variety of programming, entertainment, and fitness activities, so it's a perfect setting to relax and lounge poolside or try something new at the variety of onboard activities. Discover more of what’s offered onboard here.


What excursions are offered?

Shore excursions through MSC Cruises allow you to experience more of each island without having to do the planning. Please note that excursions are not included in the cruise fare and costs are additional. For a complete list of excursions, pricing and booking, visit MSC's excursion page. You may book ahead or onboard.

WW Cruise branded excursions are offered exclusively for our cruise passengers. Excursions will vary based on cruise route, destination, and availability.  More information will be shared soon.


Are drink packages available?

Yes, MSC offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink packages for the week. If you've booked a Fantastica cabin, you'll receive 12 complimentary drink vouchers in your cabin as part of the Fantastica experience (through 3.25.2019). These vouchers may be used in bars, restaurants and buffet and includes soft drinks, wine, beer, non-premium cocktails, coffee, and gelato. The Aurea Experience includes the Easy Drink Package which allows you unlimited consumption of select drinks at the  buffet, restaurants, and on board bars, excluding speciality restaurants. Bella cabin types do not include drink vouchers. Adult and child packages are available for purchase within your booking under “Enhance Your Cruise” or click here to learn more.


Will there be weigh-ins?

Yes, absolutely. Scales will be available provided at all One-on-One Sessions/Wellness Check-ins, which are offered for several hours in the morning and late afternoon every day during port days.


Will the activities offered on cruise show FitPoints®?

Given that FitPoints® are so individualised, we are unable to provide them on board. You can track your FitPoints as you do in the WW mobile app or using the Pocket Guide.


Your Fitbit may not sync while on board, but keep it charged and all  of your data will be there when you return.


Are there extra charges for the Spa and Fitness Center?

The gym is free of charge. If you are seeking tranquility or pampering, such as aromatherapy treatments, massages, and sauna, check out the Aurea Spa, the onboard spa and wellness centre. Services are for purchase and advanced bookings are highly recommended.


What amenities are provided in each cabin?

In addition to the basics such as soap, shampoo, and towels, each cabin has a hair dryer, safe, mini-bar/refrigerator, phone and interactive TV. Hair conditioners and moisturisers and an iron & ironing board are not provided in the cabin.


Is it safe to drink the water on board?

Yes, water from the tap and sink is safe to drink.


How many pools are on board?

The MSC Seaview has three pools & 13 whirlpools.


Are beach towels available for the pools? What about for taking on excursions?

Yes, towels are available poolside and for excursions as well. Be sure to return your beach towel to your cabin before disembarkation otherwise you will incur a fee.


What type of entertainment will there be?

MSC Cruises offers endless fun for everyone! Enjoy spectacular Broadway-style shows and other compelling entertainment every evening of the cruise and take your meals with a view.  Designed in collaboration with Chicco® and LEGO®, ​both ships offer multiple play areas and clubs designed to entertain babies to teens.

On the MSC Seaview, there are two full-size bowling lanes, a multi-story water park with five water slides, and the high-tech Odeon Theater.


I’m gluten-free, will food items be labelled?

While the seated dining restaurants and buffet areas offer gluten-free options, the ship is not a gluten-free kitchen. Cross-contamination could occur, and the ship is unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.  If you are Coeliac and/or highly sensitive, please advise the person taking your order and know that the staff will do its best but cannot guarantee your order will not touch gluten somewhere in the process.


I have allergies, who should I notify?

MSC will take all reasonable care if made aware in writing of any specific food or ingredient the guest has an allergic reaction to and assist the guests within reason to avoid any such food or ingredient. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure the s/he actively avoids any food s/he is allergic to. Guests should also notify their waiter/restaurant staff on board to ensure this information has been transmitted to all parties.

For your convenience, ingredient books of WW recipes will be located on board at the WWelcome Desk.


Does the ship have ATMs?

No, there are no ATMs on board. While the ship operates on a cashless system, cash may be preferred by vendors or cabs at port locations.


What currency is used onboard?

The currency on board the MSC Seaview is USD and the Euro, respectively. The ship operates on a cashless system. All charges incurred while onboard will be charged to your credit card in one payment at the end of the cruise, unless you choose to pay the total in cash. Visit our Packing List FAQ pages to learn more.


Are we able to buy WW products on the cruise?

WW products will not be available for purchase while on board the cruise. Products can be purchased on ww.com/shop or at your local Studio location.


How much should I tip?

Prepaid tips for your meals and room steward are included as part of your invoice. A gratuity will be added to drinks purchases automatically.


Are deck plans available?

Yes! click here to view the deck plan for the MSC Seaview​.


I’m so excited, how can I connect with other passengers?

Connect with your WW fam on Connect or Instagram using the tag #WWCruise. Or you can find us on Facebook.


Internet & mobile phones

Is Internet service available?

Yes, you can connect to the net on the open seas. However, service can be intermittent, especially while at sea.

You may buy a Wi-Fi package and use your own laptop, phone, or PDA on board. Internet packages will be available for advanced purchase several months before the cruise. We recommend updating and downloading any apps, media, or files to your device(s) before embarkation.

We’re all aboat more sea time and less screen time, so we encourage you to use this time to truly get away and disconnect.


Will I be able to plug in and recharge my digital camera, mobile phone, etc.?

Yes, there are outlets in each cabin for both domestic and EU appliances. Pack an EU charger or travel adapter if you'd like to charge in public areas.


What’s the electricity?

Fleet wide all public areas have 220v outlets (European). In each cabin, there are both 220v outlets (European) & 110v outlets (American).


Can I use my mobile phone at sea?

Yes, you can use your wireless devices while at sea. You can make and receive calls using your own mobile phone and telephone number. Charges will appear as "roaming charge" on your regular monthly bill from your telecommunications carrier. Rates are very high and are set by each home carrier. We recommend checking with your home carrier prior to traveling.

When not using your phone, we suggest placing it in airplane mode.


Can I call home during the cruise? How can my family contact me during the cruise in case of emergency?

Ship-to-shore telephone service is available while the ship is at sea or in port from your cabin. You’ll find a telephone and dialing instructions in your cabin. Since it is a satellite phone service, it is expensive. If you need to be reached by people at home, have them contact the ship directly. The emergency contact number for your MSC Cruise ship will be provided with the information that you will receive along with your cruise documents a few weeks before the sailing.


How do I get WiFi?

Day or weeklong internet packages are available for purchase. Internet service is most reliable on port days.


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With headquarters in Geneva and incorporation in Switzerland, MSC Cruises is a Swiss-based cruise line with deep Mediterranean roots. A privately-owned company, MSC Cruises is the fourth largest cruise line in the world, with a presence in 45 countries and 15,500 staff worldwide.

The MSC Cruise experience embodies the elegant side of the Mediterranean to create unique and unforgettable memories for guests, through discovery of the world’s cultures, beauties and tastes. MSC Cruises has 13 ships in its ultra-modern fleet and hosts 1.5 million passengers every year, sailing to over 150 unique destinations around the world.  Welcoming 170 nationalities on board, MSC Cruises is a truly international cruise line that appeals to guests from all around the world.

The gourmet dining experience on board combines the best of Mediterranean and international cuisine with standout partnerships with dining experts like Eataly, acclaimed French Pastry Chef Jean-Philippe Maury, celebrity chef Roy Yamaguchi, and more. To indulge in relaxation, MSC Cruises’ Aurea Spa is the only authentic Balinese Spa at sea with an exotic interior of natural stone, precious woods and rich mosaics. The MSC Yacht Club, the cruise line’s ship within a ship luxury concept on all Fantasia-class and new ships, offers a private escape with 24-hour butler and concierge service as well as a private lounge, restaurant and entrance to the spa.


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