Two is better than one

Navigating your journey with someone on your side – whether it’s a partner, friend, or family member – could help you stay motivated and on track. These duos tell us how doing it together worked for them…
Published 5 February, 2018

Graham & Andy

‘When we met, we were both struggling with our weight and that shared goal and understanding helped tighten our bond. It was also having each other’s support that gave us the courage to join Weight Watchers and to keep going, all the way to goal.’ 

Phil & Kelly

‘Although we both joined Weight Watchers alone, we ended up connecting through our meeting’s Facebook group and now we’re engaged! Taking on fitness challenges together has been a great way to spend time as a couple and has kept us moving too. Our health has improved dramatically!’ 

Lindsey & Emma

‘We joined Weight Watchers when we were living together at uni, so it was easy for us to plan our meals together, split the food shopping and cook for each other. Having each other made the plan fun to follow, kept us accountable and gave us round-the-clock support.’ 

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