Secrets to maintaining your weight loss

Maintaining your ideal weight comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some top tips to stay at goal.
Published 12 December, 2017

Maintenance is the stage of weight loss that comes after you reach your goal weight. But continuing to practise the healthy lifestyle behaviours that got you to goal isn't always as easy as it seems.

"While you're losing weight you're very focused - there's a specific end goal," says Zoe Griffiths, Head of Public Health at WW. "But when it comes to maintaining weight loss, you have to have a different mentality."

While you're losing weight, you have the gratification of watching the numbers on the scale get smaller and of hearing compliments from friends and family.

Maintaining weight loss is less glamorous, however, and you have to figure out ways to replace that outward gratification and praise from others with an internal reward system. Instead of being motivated by the numbers on the scale, motivation must start coming from how you feel - stronger, more energetic, and a happier mindset.

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Here are some tips for maintaining your weight loss:

Be realistic: Maintaining your weight doesn't mean the number on the scales will stay the same every single day. Just like your weight loss journey, you'll have good days and bad days, and plenty of fluctuations to boot. Recognise that this is completely normal, and don't beat yourself up if you gain a couple of pounds one week. It's what you do the next week that counts!

Keeping active: Regular exercise is one of the keys to maintaining weight loss. Record how often you walk, run, swim, or cycle and refer to it if the pounds start to creep back on. Try a pedometer or other activity tracking device which automatically tracks steps and exercise - and syncs to your WW account. 

Weigh in: Continue to go to your weekly meeting and get weighed by your WW Coach if you’re a Premium l member, or weigh yourself if you’re a Core member. This will keep your weight in check and gauge how you’re doing with maintaining. If you've gained a pound or two, look back. Have you been eating larger portions? Exercising less? You can always get back on track. You’ve done it before, so you can do it again.

Reward yourself: Treat yourself to a manicure, a vacation, an afternoon in the hammock, or a day off from work to celebrate maintenance milestones.

Becoming a gold member

If you’re a Premium member, you become a Gold member when you reach your goal weight. You’ll have lost at least 5lb, come to meetings for at least 5 weeks, and reached an ultimate goal weight that’s within our healthy weight range (BMI 20-25). 

What does becoming a gold member mean?

  • Free WW Workshops: As a gold member you can go to WW Workshops every week for free! For the first 5 weeks you can attend WW Workshops free of charge, regardless of your weight, thereafter all you need to do is stay within 5lb of your goal weight.
  • Gold pack: You’ll receive a gold pack, including: a gold card, gold certificate, a special maintenance plan Happier & Healthier for Good, and a gold key achievement charm to put on your 10% keyring, then an additional star charm on your goal anniversary.
  • No need to re-join: Gold members never need to register/re-join.
  • No need to pay for missed weeks: Gold members never have to pay for missed weeks.
  • Post-pregnancy free WW Workshops: Following pregnancy, WW Workshops are free to gold members until baby is 6 months old. WW members can return to WW Workshops once the postnatal check-up has taken place.

Your WW Coach will be with you every step of the way on your journey to achieving your goal weight. To find out more about becoming a gold member, speak to them today!