WW blog: Emma’s weight loss success encouraged her mum to join too!

This Mother’s Day, Emma tells us how important her mum’s unconditional love and support has been as she continues to lose weight with WW.
Published 6 March, 2019

“To the world you are my Mother but to me you are the world” - Unknown

Hi, I'm Emma, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know me as @emmas.whitedress.mission.

You might also have read my last blog about being confident during the party season. I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating, threw some daring shapes on the dance floors and maybe even took my advice and treated yourself to a new party outfit...or three!

This time around I want to talk about my biggest inspiration - my Mum! She amazes and encourages me on a daily basis and following our recent article in the WW magazine I thought I would share a little more about our relationship and why she is so inspirational to me and others.


Mum joined WW with me…finally!


I am on the most incredible and enjoyable journey with WW, but the fact I now have my best friend, my wonderful Mum, alongside me for the ride means the world to me and makes it so much more rewarding!

It makes me so proud to know that my experience on this journey was what inspired my Mum to join.

Looking back, Mum is annoyed that she hadn’t started her weight loss journey earlier last year in time for my wedding in August, but she just wasn't ready. I’d asked her countless times to join me, but never persuaded her. She would tell me how unhappy she was in herself and that she wanted to change but wasn't sure how. It was horrible to hear that, and I wanted more than anything to be able to help her feel better about herself.

The truth is Mum had preconceived ideas about how the WW plan works and what happens at our weekly check-ins...she’d be the first to admit now that those ideas were so wrong!

Mum absolutely loves going to her WW Workshop. In fact, we’re both very vocal at our check-in and we love sharing recipes or tips and providing support to other members – it’s a real boost. We also phone each other several times a day.


Mum’s lost almost 3st in 6 months


My Mum has lost 38.5lbs in just 26 weeks! She’s under target and I must say, she looks AMAZING!! Most importantly she is happier and healthier than ever, which makes me so happy and unbelievably proud!

I have loved being able to share every part of her WW journey from the start to where she is now. She is motivating, encouraging and wonderfully positive. It’s because of her that I have new inspiration to get to target and keep on being the best version of myself.


I love the connection we share through exercise


I am so thrilled seeing Mum reap the rewards from exercise. She hasn’t always been active and used to hate the idea of going to the gym, but since joining WW it’s like she’s been given a new lease of life. She enjoys fitting exercise in around her busy lifestyle.

SUCCESS STORY: “Yes I’m busy – but I can still stay on track!”

As someone who thoroughly enjoys my workouts, it’s lovely to see the kick Mum gets from being active too. I love the connection we share through exercising and it makes me smile seeing Mum push her limits and loving it!

I see myself in her and it makes me think back to when I used to say: “I can’t”. I am beside her, cheering her on and making sure she knows anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Seeing how far she’s come and how she is constantly improving is incredible. It reminds me how far I’ve come, what I’ve accomplished and how I actually couldn’t have done it without her unconditional love and support.


Mum kick started my White Dress Mission


My mum has been with me throughout my whole white dress mission. In 2017 I found my dress, the most perfect dress of my dreams...but I was so unhappy with my body.

My mum turned to me and said: “Em if you’re serious about changing, the time is now!” She was right! If it wasn’t for hearing her say those words, I honestly don’t think I’d have lost the weight for my wedding day or felt the most beautiful me in my perfect gown.

When I first found the dress and we placed the order Mum turned to me and said: “You’re my daughter and whatever makes you happy, makes me happy”. After that she came with me for every fitting, right up to the day I brought it home.

SUCCESS STORY: Nadia had her wedding dress taken in after losing over 4st

I was totally unaware that Mum had been saving for my wedding gown, putting some money aside each month so that when I found the perfect one, she could make the dream come true. It means the world to me that the most special dress I’ll ever wear was bought for me by Mum.

The night before my wedding Mum and I shared a special evening, talking, laughing and shedding tears as we reminisced over memories...we got through a fair few tissues that night!!

When the big day arrived my beautiful Mum never left my side. She helped me get ready, kept my emotions in check and helped me into my dress. We wanted to spend the time before my wedding together, so she came with me in the car to church. It was important to both of us that we share those precious moments. She whispered in my ear: “Emma, never forget you'll always be my special little girl”.

During my speech (can’t let the boys have all the fun!) I offered some advice to my 5-year-old niece, Jessica. Always love your mum and treat her right. Although you might not always think it, one day something will click, and you’ll realise you can have all the friends in the world, but your Mum will always be your very best friend, there to love you and create memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Mum, I will forever be grateful beyond words.

Love always,

Your little girl.