Turn it around

Small weight gains are part of every get-healthy journey, but you can keep moving forward.
Published 21 May, 2019

One of the most important things to know on your WW journey is this: small weight gains will happen. And equally important: the weight gain itself doesn’t matter – how you respond to it does.

If unhelpful thoughts pop into your head, you might feel discouraged, which can lead to behaviours that slow or halt your progress. And small weight gains have a way of becoming larger, unless you tackle them. But if you expect they will happen, and plan for when they do, you’ll be more likely to continue on your journey.

If you see a gain of a few pounds over two weeks or so, it’s a good idea to take action. Try these strategies:

Commit to tracking your next two meals.

Amp up activity – either moving more, or for longer.

Ask yourself what you can learn from the weight gain, and what you can change going forward.

Attend your Workshop: Although you might feel tempted to skip it, the encouragement you’ll receive there can go a long way!


What to do


Create an action plan

Return to the path of progress by defining the sort of weight gain that would trigger your ‘action plan’ – for instance, gaining 2lb two weeks in a row. Write down two strategies you’ll use if you reach your action-plan weight.