Shift your thinking with this 3-step guide

Taking note of your thoughts can be a key step in achieving your wellness goals. Here’s how to do it…
Published 15 April, 2019

Thoughts can be just as important as actions. What you THINK influences what you FEEL, which determines what you DO. Thousands of thoughts go through your mind each day, and while many are helpful, there will also be unhelpful thoughts that lead to negative feelings or actions, and these could hold you back from achieving your get-healthy goals.

You can reshape unhelpful thoughts into helpful ones by giving them a reality check. When you have an unhelpful thought, ask yourself: ‘What are the facts that make this thought true, or untrue?’ Also, ‘What would I say to a friend who thought this way?’ By giving your internal voice a reality check and replacing unhelpful thoughts with helpful ones, you can also change how you feel and what you do. Here’s how to shift your thinking in three simple steps.

1. Identify an unhelpful thought

For instance, ‘I’ve missed my daily walk today, so I’ve ruined all my progress.’

2. Do a reality check

‘Does my thought match the facts? Would I say this to a friend?’

3. Develop a new, helpful thought

Tell yourself, ‘Yes, I missed today’s walk, but I can go for a walk tomorrow.’

Aim to notice unhelpful thoughts, then take a moment to do a reality check to help you switch up your thinking.