The secrets to feeling good naked (even when you’re having a fat day)

Published 25 July, 2016

For most people, the thought of stripping off – even in private – can be downright terrifying. Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James shows you how to accept your naked self

Build up the time you spend naked
‘Make sure the blinds or curtains in your home are shut,’ says Honey, ‘and walk around naked for a couple of minutes. This will help you get used to being naked and make it more normal, rather than being a big deal. Build up by five or 10 minutes, day by day, until you can do the housework nude for an hour – as long as it’s warm enough!’

Change your script
‘Affirmations – for example, “My legs are strong and toned” – can help change the script in your brain, so that you begin to feel more positive about the way your body looks,’ says Honey. Every day, expose a different part of your body, look at it in the mirror, and find the beauty in it, whether that’s the sexy shape of your shoulders or the skin on your thighs. Say out loud how attractive it is and explain why.

Define what you think is beautiful
Women who feel good naked are women who set their own standards; being confident about your inner strengths, as well as your outward appearance, is key. So, what defines beautiful for you? ‘Is it fitting into that size-10 dress, being passionate about something you love, or being able to make your friends laugh?’ asks Honey. It helps to feel confident about the bigger picture – you as a whole.

Break out of your fear box
Try to do one thing every day that’s out of your comfort zone, no matter how small, such as trying a new recipe that’s very different from your usual ones. ‘Developing a spirit of boldness will help boost your confidence and, in turn, your happy-naked attitude,’ says Honey. Find your sense of adventure and it will filter into other parts of your life, too.