Putting mind over matter

Losing weight and getting healthy is about so much more than making good food choices and moving more. Changing how you think can lead to changing how you feel and changing what you do...
Published 20 January, 2020

Regardless of where you are on your get-healthy journey, the way you think can help you find success. Explore the below four qualities of a helpful mindset and try one of the science-backed techniques to help you develop it.

1. Develop awareness

When you're more conscious of your thoughts (without any judgment), you can begin to understand how they impact your feelings and behaviours. Then, you can explore the ways that shifting your thoughts may affect your actions.

Try: listen to Headspace meditation in the WW app.

2. Alter your perspective

It's easy to get stuck on what's gone wrong. Instead, transition your focus to what's going well and view setbacks as opprotunities that can help you grow.

Try: reflect on three things you're grateful for - big or small. Write them down.

3. Remember what matters to you

Your 'why' is the reason you want to be healthier - and keeping it in mind helps you connect to the things that matter to you, setting you on a path that gets you closer to your goals.

Try: search #100daysofwhy on Connect for inspiration.

4. Practice self-compassion

No one's perfect, and we all hit setbacks. How would you encourage a friend? Applying that mindset to yourself can help you stay on track.

Try: imagine that a close friend feels bad about themselves. What would you say to them? Now think about a time when you've felt bad. What did you say to yourself? Is there a difference? Why? What might change if you treated yourself like a friend?