Welcome to our guide to owning autumn

Published 30 August, 2017

Autumn is the time of the year where many of us start to stay indoors as the weather gets colder, choosing to put on a film and snuggle up on the coach. With the festive season approaching, we also tend to socialise more and indulge in comfort food and drink. However, this shift in lifestyle can often mean losing the momentum we had in the summer, where staying healthy was at the forefront of our minds. This autumn, we want to help you keep that summer glow and maintain that spring in your step. Let our Weight Watchers guide to owning autumn be your go-to manual to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep you motivated – making this season yours for the taking.

Our guide aims to keep you on track and help avoid the pitfalls we often experience during the cooler months, giving you tips, tricks, advice and support to help you stay healthy and motivated. We have teamed up with experts, influencers and Weight Watchers members to bring new content to you every week to help keep you on track and reach your goals. From indoor exercises to embrace in the cold weather, to healthy recipes to combat comfort eating, and even wardrobe tips to help you stay on trend this season. We will also be focusing on wellbeing, teaching you mindfulness techniques and meditation to help keep you focused throughout the season.