15 success tips smart members swear by

Published 23 May, 2016

Some of our favourite members from WW magazine share their pearls of wisdom...                     

  1. ‘I like to look at old photos and compare them to where I am now. Seeing a visual difference is a real boost. That’s why I’ve taken selfies every week.’ Mairi [Pictured left]
  2. ‘I used to put everyone else first then scrabble around for a bit of me-time. Now, I take an hour out of each day just to read.’ Lavon [Pictured right]
  3. ‘Your weight can fluctuate a few pounds, but you have to ignore that and keep doing the right things, knowing it will even out eventually.’ Lisa          
  4. ‘If I struggle to make myself go out for a walk or to a gym session, I just remind myself that I am doing this for me.’ Sarah
  5. ‘Planning helps me stay in control. I used to rely on takeaways, so was the last person to write a shopping list! But I cracked this habit, and haven’t looked back.’ David
  6. ‘I keep a “pounds pot” and drop £1 in for every pound I lose. I plan to use it to treat myself to something when I hit goal. It’s a positive non-scale incentive for extra motivation.’ Dee
  7. ‘If I feel down, I cook my favourite healthy meal. It helps me realise that I can eat well and feel well, even if the scales aren’t agreeing with me.’ Caroline
  8. ‘Buy food when it’s in season. It’s better value, and also makes you try new types of meat, fish, fruit and veg.’ Dan                
  9. ‘I’ve always made an effort with my hair and make-up, as it’s something I can control no matter what I weigh. Making yourself feel good can make a world of difference.’ Lisa
  10. ‘Getting into a routine can become boring, but there are many different ways to exercise, eat and feed your mind – find them and keep your journey exciting.’ Caroline
  11. ‘I’m probably most self-conscious about my belly, but I’ve learned to dress myself in a flattering way while I’m still on my journey, so I feel good about myself.’ Debbie
  12. ‘I wasn’t prepared with ways to avoid temptation, but now I buy non-food treats and they’ve made all the difference. They can be anything from bath oil to a new bit of fit kit.’ Dee
  13. ‘Rally your friends and family to support you. I’ve had great fun cooking with my kids in the kitchen.’ Mairi        
  14. ‘Eat fruit with breakfast. It’s filling and will steer you away from adding sweetness like honey or syrup to your porridge.’ Lyndsay
  15. ‘Accept compliments – when my husband says I look lovely, it gives me a boost. As I lose weight, I feel better mentally and physically – it’s helping me see what he sees.’ Sarah