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5 ways to love your body

Give yourself a chance at self-confidence with these 5 quick tips.
Published 25 June, 2018

1. Feel more positive before you head out for the day by listening to a song you love while getting dressed in clothes that make you feel your best.  

2. Get in touch with your body by taking time to pamper yourself, whether that’s treating your skin to an at-home facial, enjoying a long bath or booking in for a massage.

3. Give yourself three compliments every day, and try to really take them on board. Try something like, ‘I might not yet be at goal, but I have strong legs, shiny hair and a trimmed-down waist.’ Remind yourself of these when you’re feeling low.

4. Try to appreciate your body for what it does, including all the day-to-day processes it makes possible, whether that’s enabling you to walk around or helping you to enjoy your meals.    

5. Catch up with positive friends or family members who always make you feel good – and while you’re at it, book in some dates to meet up in the coming weeks, so you can keep those positive vibes flowing.

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