3 smart ways to be body-positive

Published 31 May, 2016

WW magazine wellbeing expert, Honey Langcaster-James, gives her tips to help you appreciate your shape at every stage of your weight-loss journey

Show your shape some love
‘Each day, stand in front of the mirror, smile, and say something positive and loving to yourself,’ says Honey. But, she cautions, it’s important to choose the right words. ‘Avoid saying something like, “I am beautiful,” as you may not always believe it. Alternatively, focus on positive behaviour, which is something you can control, and keeps you motivated. Try, “Every day I am making healthy choices for myself,” or “Every day I notice how much closer to my goal I am.”’

Check in with your body daily
Assess how you’re feeling each day – this is affected by all sorts of factors – then do your best to meet your body’s needs. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider taking a few things off your to-do list for that day, but if you’re particularly energetic, make the most of it! However, if you need a boost, treat yourself: ‘It can help you make the most of the features you love while you shed the pounds,’ says Honey. Book in for a blow-dry at the hairdresser’s, or go shopping for clothes that accentuate your best bits.

Give yourself a break!
In just the same way that you pick yourself up and carry on with your eating plan if you overeat one day, you need to forgive yourself if there are times when you feel a bit negative. ‘It’s hard for anyone to stay body-positive all the time,’ says Honey. ‘So don’t be too hard on yourself.’ Take your mind off it by chatting to someone who always cheers you up, or do something you enjoy – you’ll soon feel more upbeat. ‘It takes a while to form new thinking habits, so remind yourself of that,’ adds Honey.