Rush less, enjoy more: top tips for mindful eating

Rushing about after the holidays? Learn to eat slowly and mindfully with these top tips.
Published 15 August, 2019

When the holidays come to an end, it’s all too easy to start rushing, rushing, rushing about.

When it comes to eating meals, eke out the slow-paced summer holiday vibe for as long as possible, and you’ll soon reap the rewards.


Eat mindfully


You don’t need to undertake a full mealtime meditation in a Zen-like setting to eat mindfully.

Simply slowing the pace and paying attention to the good food and company around you could make it easier to eat what you planned and stop when you’re satisfied.

Here’s how:

1. Set a nice table, like you would for a guest, taking care with how it looks and perhaps popping some flowers in the centre.

2. Before you begin, take a minute to notice the colours on your plate.

3. Who’s the slowest eater at the table? Aim to match their pace.

4. Start your meal by eating with your non-dominant hand. It feels weird at first, but it slows you down.

5. Put the phones and gadgets away when eating and just eat (you can track later).