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3 ways to indulge – the healthy way!

Sights set on the weekend? With a clever approach to forward planning, you can treat yourself, enjoy yourself and stay on track.
Published 19 March, 2018
1. Love your weeklies


Fancy a chocolate treat, indulgent dessert or celebratory cocktail? No worries! Your weekly allowance will help fill the gaps between your daily SmartPoints® and any extras you don’t want to miss out on, such as sweet treats, boozy drinks or party nibbles.

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2. Start from zero


If you’re hosting a special lunch or dinner, then you’re in charge of the menu! Build a menu around ZeroPoint™ foods and you won’t have to skimp on the good stuff. By ensuring your side dishes are made from zero heroes, you can use more SmartPoints on show-stopping mains courses, starters or puds. Try steaming asparagus, broccoli or green beans for a simple, tasty side, or mash cauliflower, swede or celeriac for an alternative to the standard potato variety.

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3. Remember to  rollover


Bank holiday weekends (or any weekend, really!) are a great time to visit the pub for a hearty meal. During the week, build your main meals around ZeroPoint foods where you can, and save your rollovers for the weekend pub visit. That means you’ll have extra SmartPoints for a drink or two (or that pub lunch you’ve been dreaming about). If you can, leave the car at home and walk to your local instead. You’ll be making the most of the glorious spring weather and racking up some FitPoints® as you go.

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