Your Monday to Sunday workout schedule, sorted!

These handy videos will help you create a new at-home exercise regime from Monday to Friday, plus some weekend workouts. You've got this!
Published 24 March, 2020

If your fitness regime is looking a little different these days, you're not alone.

With everything from lockdown measures to balancing life at home with the kids, maintaining your healthy habits is one heck of a challenge.

We've got your back

Whether your focus is meal planning or moving more, it's important to establish a new routine as soon as you can. Having structure and consistency will help you create a new normal (and let's be honest, we all need a bit of normalcy in our lives right now). The more you stick to a new routine, the easier and more automatic it becomes. 

With that in mind, we've put together a fun and easy workout schedule that will see you through from Monday to Sunday. Most of these can be done at home, and don't require any special equipment. 

Here's how to stay fit and healthy, lift your mood and earn some FitPoints®. Let's go!

Monday muscles

Wake up and work those muscles! Get your biceps bulging with 3 sets each of these curls and side raises. Don't have weights at home? Try using tins of beans, soup or veggies instead.

Tuesday tums

Give your abs some attention with these simple workouts to tone your tum.

Walk & body weight Wednesday 

Strength exercises are great, but remember to work some cardio in too. If you're able to exercise outside, try this walking & body weight workout, and check out these 9 ways to boost your walk.

Stuck inside? Here's a quick five-minute cardio workout you can do at home:

Fancy adding some body weight exercises? Try this body weight circuit which can be done at home with no equipment.

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Thursday thighs

Oh hi, thighs! Start off with a simple squat.

Go a little harder with these deep squats. Feel the burn!

Let's lunge! Remember to lunge on alternate legs.

Got a workout partner at home? Liven up your lunges with a jump and a training buddy.

Friday fat burner

Whether you exercise first thing, at lunch or at the end of the day, make it a fat-blasting HIIT session. Try doing as many jumping jacks as you can in 60 seconds:

Then take a 60 second breather. Next, do as many push-ups as you can in 60 seconds (there's an easier version and a tougher version):

Then take a 60 second breather. Repeat with some of the exercises from above i.e. squats, lunges and ab exercises. The trick is to work hard and fast, and really earn your minute's break. Do this for 20-30 minutes for a tough but effective workout!

If you can get outdoors, do 10 jumping jacks as fast as you can, then run as fast as you can to a nearby bench or goalpost. Then, choose a different exercise, for example a deep squat, and do 10 of those. Run back to your starting position and do another 10 jumping jacks. Do this for 60 seconds (so 10 jumping jacks, sprint, 10 squats, sprint back, 10 jumping jacks etc) for 60 seconds. Then take a (well-earned!) 60 second break. Next, choose two new exercises and repeat, for example 10 lunges, sprint, 10 crunches, sprint back, 10 lunges etc. Do this for 20-30 minutes for a fantastic Friday workout.

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Saturday shimmy

It's party time! These videos will teach you six basic Zumba moves to add some sparkle to your Saturday. Or, simply put on your favourite tunes and dance around the house. You'll earn some serious FitPoints, plus it's guaranteed to make you smile!

Got housework or gardening planned? You'll earn FitPoints, so remember to track them in the WW app.

Stretch it out Sunday

Yoga is a great way to wind down the week, and start a brand new one feeling refreshed.

If you're able to go outside, Sunday is also the perfect day for a walk.

You did it!

Well done - you completed a week of workouts! How do you feel?

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