Not into fitness? It's time to make it sociable

Exercising with friends puts the fun into fitness – suggest one of these activities at your next meeting and you’re bound to find some willing volunteers.
Published 27 October, 2015

1. Get on your bike

There are plenty of new group initiatives aimed at getting women back in the saddle. Breeze ( organises fun, free and informal bike rides for women across the country. Led by experienced cycling volunteers, they’re ideal for people trying out cycling for the first time. Macmillan holds brilliant women-only cycling events across the country, too – visit for more details. 

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2. Start walking

Fancy fitting in some casual fitness? You could arrange for a group of you to meet on a Saturday morning for half an hour’s brisk walk, finishing up at a tea shop or pub for a catch-up. To make it more challenging, check out – a charity which organises 550 local group walks across the UK, which are suitable for all ages and abilities. They’re held mostly on weekends and are a great way to get outdoors and explore the beautiful British countryside. 

3. Sign up for a charity run

There are always lots of charity fun runs happening around the country. Sign up early with other members so there’s no excuse not to train. Race For Life events ( and Tommy’s Big Fun runs ( are great for beginners and take place across the UK all summer.

We DID it! Member success stories

Get inspired by members across the country reaping the many rewards of getting together to work out… 

You’ll work harder
‘I go to the gym with my two best friends and we try to outdo each other, so I definitely get more of a work-out than if I go alone!’ says Annalisa. 

It’s so much more fun
‘I go to Zumba with my good friend, and we have a real laugh while getting fit. What could be better than that? I look forward to it every week!’ says Hayley. 

It’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning
‘I joined a team of eight in a recreational rowing group. The boat will literally go round in circles if someone is missing, so it provides excellent motivation for showing up!’ says Valerie. 

You’ll try new things
‘I would never have tried all the different classes I do now if I didn’t have a friend for company. We have just tried out kettlebells, and it’s so much fun!’ says Sharon. 

You’ll meet new people
‘I belong to a walking group. Each week, we walk to a cafe and then back again. We’ve all improved our fitness and I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way,’ says Karen.