Let's dance! Fun ways to get you moving more

Stubborn myths about activity keep too many of us side-lined. And number one is that it isn’t fun… Well, pull on your dancing shoes because we’re about to bust all of those myths!
Published 23 September, 2019

Kick a few of the most common activity myths to the kerb and replace them with one of these truths and strategies that’ll help you get your body in motion. Ready, set...dance!


1. Truth: fun wins

Activity doesn’t have to feel like work. Do what you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Love to dance? Go for it!

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2. Truth: Activity adds up

You don’t need a whole sweaty hour of exercise. Every bit of movement counts – so take your partner for a spin round the living room. It all counts.


3. Truth: you don’t need a specialist class or fancy equipment

You can hit your activity goals just by going for a boogie with the girls after work.


4. Truth: you can start where you are today

It’s better to begin with a doable activity and work your way up. Switch on the radio while you’re cooking and start dancing – anything that gets your heart rate up helps.


5. Truth: Activity is about more than weight

The benefits go way beyond the scales. Want a better mood, sounder sleep and lower risk of heart diseases? Two words: just dance!