Get into dance!

Published 10 April, 2017

In need of a new workout routine? Celebrate International Dance Day and turn up the music – this fun and fast-paced activity might be just what you need to shake up your fitness

Dance for your health
Not only is dancing fun, it’s also great for your health and is accessible to everyone. Dancing regularly can help you lose weight, gain strength, improve posture, increase balance and coordination, and combat stress. And 60 minutes of dancing could earn you around 6 FitPoints® (based on a 10st person). So what are you waiting for? Exercise Move Dance ( lists classes to suit all abilities, including wheelchair users, all around the UK.

Shake it to get fit
When you’re ready to get your groove on, you can move to the beat almost anywhere – yep, turning on the radio and rocking out in the living room counts! But if you want something more focused, you may want to try an organised dance fitness class, like Zumba or Clubbercise. These high-energy classes are lots of fun and will give you a great workout. Or if you’d prefer a more traditional dance class, you could try tap, line dancing or salsa. Not only will you be keeping active, but you’ll be learning a new skill and socialising, too.

Move it at home
Can’t get to a class (or want to stay in on a rainy day)? You can still get fit dancing at home. Get started by warming up your muscles – jumping up and down, shaking out your arms and legs, and tensing (then relaxing) your arms, stomach and legs to get the blood flowing. Then once you’re warmed up, put on your favourite tunes – something with a fast, fun beat is best – and then dance! Not sure where to start? Try dancing along to a YouTube video or a dance fitness DVD – whatever you do, the important thing is to move!