Find new moves

Discovering a workout you love could motivate you to move more…
Published 2 April, 2019

The best way to move more is to do activities you enjoy. But what if nothing seems to be working, or you don’t know what to try? Or you feel unsure or awkward doing something new? These tips can help you find your next move(s), ease your concerns, and refresh your routine.

Reflect. What would you try if there was nothing standing in your way? Tap dancing, hiking, Pilates, boxing, Zumba – the options are endless.

Research. Go online, talk to others, call a gym to find out where you can observe or try your chosen activity. But keep an open mind. For instance, if karate isn’t available nearby, consider trying a different martial art. The more aware you are of what to expect, the more ready you’ll feel when it comes time to give it a try.

Rethink your assumptions. All shapes and sizes do Pilates or play football. Plus, many activities have classes for beginners. Before you try it, drop by to watch, learn, and ask questions.

Bring a friend! Having a buddy by your side can calm any jitters and make it fun.


Explore an activity

Use the tips above to pick a new move. Choose a day to try it and see how it goes. Don’t like it? That’s okay; explore something else. Do like it? Plan when you’ll go back!