Be a weekend warrior

Published 18 May, 2017

No time to exercise during the week? Take advantage of the weekend

To stay healthy, the NHS recommends that adults complete 150 minutes of exercise at moderate intensity each week, but cramming all those workouts in Monday to Friday can seem impossible. The good news is, research shows that clocking up 150 minutes of exercise over the weekend is just as good for you as spreading it out over the course of a week. Need inspiration to get started? We’ve got a few ideas…

What counts as moderate exercise?
If you can talk (but not sing), are breathing often and deeply, and are sweating after 10 minutes of exercise, you’re working out at moderate intensity. If you’re used to exercising at a lower intensity, why not challenge yourself to go a bit faster, do more reps, or switch up your workout?

Try it this weekend

Walking tour
Whether you’re visiting somewhere new on a weekend break or want to see more of your own city, try taking a walking tour. Larger cities normally offer organised tours (and they’re often free!), but if you’re somewhere smaller, try mapping out a route for yourself. A 30-minute walk could earn you around 2 FitPoints®*.

Rock climbing
Scaling a real cliff face might be a bit of a stretch, but an indoor wall will give you an adrenaline boost without the danger. Climbing will help you build upper body strength and challenge you to push yourself further. Plus, a 30-minute session could earn you around 3 FitPoints*.

Swap happy hour for a team sport, such as football, netball, volleyball, rounders, or any other activity you can do with your friends. It’s still social and fun, but you could earn around 3 FitPoints* in 30 minutes (and will miss out on the hangover).

Been meaning to clear out the loft? Now’s the time! Not only will you tick a chore off your list, you’ll also break a sweat lifting, hauling, and moving clutter. Just 30 minutes of cleaning could earn you around 3 FitPoints*.

Looking for something fun to do with the kids, a group of friends, or your family? Rushing around a paintball course – and competing against others in your group – will get your heart rate up without feeling like a workout (and the paintball gun acts as a light dumbbell, too!).

*FitPoints calculated based on a 10st person exercising at moderate intensity.