5kMyWay training plan - Step 2

Published 23 April, 2019

Step 2: Create your 4-week training plan

Decided on activities for your 5k? Use our blank training plan to schedule workouts, gradually increasing the distance you cover. Aim to do three sessions per week, pushing yourself a little harder each time. After four weeks, you should be ready to complete 5k. You can do more than one activity per session (such as a 1k walk followed by a 500m run on day one), and if needed, you can split a session up over the day, so you could cycle 1k to work and then go for a 500m swim after work – whatever works best for you. Feel you could do even more? Challenge yourself to extra training sessions, or follow this plan as well as your usual workouts – listen to your body and give your muscles time to properly recover between sessions.