Food & nutrition

Eating out is easy

With WW, you can still enjoy meals in your favourite restaurants. Just follow these tips!

One of the fantastic things about WW is the flexibility to eat out with family and friends.

While you might have to leave a few decisions up to the chef, you can still choose food that supports your get-healthy goals, works with your SmartPoints® Budget, and delights your taste buds!


Before you go

Save your weeklies and any rollovers (remember, you can roll over up to four unused daily SmartPoints to your weeklies) to increase your Budget for a special meal out.

View the menu online to find the best options for you (including whether you’ll have drinks or dessert, or both!).

Use the WW app to check the SmartPoints values and track them in one click.


At the table

You don’t have to weigh or track ZeroPoint™ foods, so choosing a meal with these at its heart means you can spend SmartPoints on a tasty side dish or dessert.

Placing your order before everyone else at your table could help you stick to your prearranged choice.

If portion sizes are large, sharing a dish could be a fun way to manage a big serving.

Eating together is not only about satisfying hunger; it’s a chance to connect. Be present by eating slowly, savouring each bite, and engaging with those around you.