Lorraine Kelly joins WeightWatchers® as an ambassador

Lorraine looks forward to inspiring the nation as she sets out to get her va-va-voom back!
Published 11 February, 2022

Lorraine Kelly joins WW as an ambassador and looks forward to inspiring the nation as she sets out to get her va-va-voom back

Lorraine Kelly, 62 has joined WW as an ambassador in a bid to lose a stone she gained during lockdown and get her sparkle back. The TV host is excited to inspire others to join her as she shakes-off bad habits, gets into shape and improves her energy levels.


LONDON, Monday 14 February 2022 - Today, WW announced that much-loved TV personality Lorraine Kelly has joined WW as an ambassador.

Lorraine has turned to WW in a bid to get her sparkle back. The star reveals that she didn’t take good care of her health during the pandemic and needs help to improve the quality of her sleep, lose weight and get fit. She recognises that many of us have gone down a similar path and is passionate about showing how transformative the WW weight-loss programme can be.

“I need help,” she says. “I don’t feel like myself any more. I don’t have the energy; I’ve been comfort eating, drinking a few glasses of wine in the evenings and spending too much time on my bum. I can’t fit into any of my clothes either. Joining WW is like having a really best pal as your support system - and it’s not just because it’s me off the telly as WW is a support system to everyone.

“I don’t do many brand partnerships, because it has to be something I really believe in. I’ve done WW before and know it works, but that was a long time ago and what’s brilliant is that it's easier than ever now because everything is on the app - I can track what I eat, my activity, my sleep and even how much water I drink! So, basically I have all the latest science, nutrition and community at my fingertips. And what’s more, it’s so sustainable.”

Lorraine can’t wait to wear some of her favourite clothes that no longer fit, but stresses that this journey is about so much more than weight loss.

“I want to lose weight, but it’s more about how I feel about myself,” she says. “It’s not about size. One of our models at work is a size 16 and I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman who is happy with her shape. For me, it’s all about health and being happy with how you are. I was at my fittest four-years-ago, before the pandemic and I look forward to feeling like that again - the best version of me.”

Lorraine has also been exercising more because she knows it will have a huge impact on how she feels. “I look forward to getting my stamina back. I know from experience that exercise really helps me. I stopped doing it because of COVID and I am sure so many people can relate to that,” she says.

Lorraine is following the newly launched WW programme featuring PersonalPoints, which encourages members to enjoy the foods they love and steers them towards healthier choices. She’s chosen avocados as one of her ZeroPoint foods and can enjoy these without using up her points budget, along with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Anna Hill, General Manager, WW UK, comments:

“We are thrilled to have Lorraine on board as a WW ambassador. She’s going to be a huge inspiration to anyone who is struggling to get their health and wellness back on track in the wake of the pandemic. Many of us can identify with what she’s going through and she’s the perfect role model at a time when people are more determined than ever to reach their weight loss and wellness goals in 2022. Lorraine has already embraced the WW and we are looking forward to supporting her in achieving her goals.”

Join Lorraine on her journey at #joinLorraine and visit ww.com/uk/ambassadors/lorraine-kelly to get 50% off today.

For more information or details of how to join WW, visit www.ww.com/uk.