Weight Watchers Digital Scales by CONAIRWeight Watchers Digital Scales by CONAIR
Digital Scale Tidbits
How Old is Too Old?
Electronic Scales hold their accuracy longer

Most scales lose accuracy over time. Springs on a 2-year old mechanical scale may cause weight to be several pounds off. A recent poll shows most consumer scales are between 3-10 years old and many are even older! Electronic scales hold accuracy longer than mechanical scales, so if accuracy is important to you, opt for electronic.
Lifetime Performance
Make sure your electronic scale comes with a lithium or long life battery. Lifetime batteries are designed to last as long as the scale!
High Visibility
Look for a scale with a display you can see. Depending on lighting, eyesight and placement, some are easier to read than others. Weight Watchers scales have high contrast, easy-to-read 1.3”-1.9” displays.
Accuracy Counts
Want to know what you really weigh? Look for microprocessor control with a sealed load cell system. It’s the most accurate weighing technology on the home scale market and the most accurate over time.
Precision Counts
Bath scales weigh in different increments. Decide how important “ounces vs. pounds” is to your morale. Some scales let you measure every 1/10 of every pound you lose!
Looks Count, Too
Even scales have style. Choose the size, shape and finish you want. You’ll be looking at it every day!
No Cheating!
Shifting position makes weighing less accurate. Try it. Stand on the scale and shift slightly and watch the numbers change. Consider a scale with a built-in leveler to keep you honest.
How Do You Measure Success?
The probability of success in any weight loss program is much higher when you consistently track weight changes. Keep a chart or choose a scale that does it for you! The Weight Watchers memory scale automatically calculates your goal weight, shows how many pounds you’ve lost since you started your program, and how many pounds you have to go to reach your goal.
Watch the Fat!
Too high a percentage of body fat is not healthy. Consider a scale that uses BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis) to monitor body fat ratio.
Once a Week, Same Time, Same Scale
For the most accurate weight measurement weigh yourself on the same scale, at the same time of day, in the same clothes. Weigh yourself once a week to get a clear picture of any trends your weight is following.

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