FlexPoints At a Glance

atagHow New FlexPoints Works For You
Enjoy the full range of food options, while making better choices with the POINTS® system.
Choose any food as long as you control how much you eat.
Easily handle any food challenge, even when choices are limited.
atag col2On the Core Plan focus on wholesome foods without counting…
Eat wholesome foods from all the food groups – fruits and vegetables, grains and starches, lean meat, fish and poultry, eggs and dairy.
Enjoy satisfying eating without empty calories.
Have the occasional treat in controlled amounts.
atag col3Ways to make Weight Watchers TurnAround work for you:
Weight Watchers Meetings

Coaching and real-life insights to help you reach your goals.
Learn how to make wise choices, eat healthy, enjoy food and exercise.
Enjoy support and guidance to help you reach your goal and stay there.
Benefit from the practical experiences and tips of others losing weight with Weight Watchers.
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Weight Watchers Online

All the information and resources you need to do Weight Watchers online.
Follow our plan step-by-step, with daily tips and inspiration.
Interactive tools make it easier to manage your food choices and activities in just a few clicks.
Plus, discover hundreds of delicious recipes.
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Weight Watchers eTools

The Internet weight-loss companion for Weight Watchers Meetings members.
If you’re already attending Weight Watchers Meetings, access delicious recipes and interactive tools that make it easier to follow the plan and see your progress.
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