What is a Lifetime Member?

Lifetime Membership is a valuable benefit that you, as a meetings member, can receive when you reach and maintain your goal weight.

Once you achieve the status as one of Weight Watchers Lifetime Members, you are considered a permanent part of the Weight Watchers family! You'll receive a Lifetime Membership Recognition Award, along with the additional benefits of a complimentary eTools subscription and unlimited meetings (subject to certain regulations. For details, please speak with your Leader).

You're awarded Lifetime Membership once you reach the following criteria:

  • You select and achieve a weight goal that is within the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Ranges (or above Weight Watchers weight ranges if a note from a physician has been provided) and at least 5 lbs less than your initial start weight.

  • After you reach your goal weight, you must complete the maintenance phase of the program — remain an active, paid member throughout the next 6 weeks, weigh-in at least twice and be within 2 lbs (+/-) of your goal weight at the final maintenance weigh-in.

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