Tips for selecting a User Name

Your user name is a unique name you use when logging into the site, either as a FREE registered user or as a paid subscriber to one of our online services. It identifies you to us and to the rest of the online community. Since we have hundreds of thousands of users, you will need to be creative in order to find a user name that hasn't been taken already.

Below are some tips to help you choose a user name:

  • User names are not case sensitive, so you don't need to worry about combining upper and lower cases.
  • Make sure your user name is something only you can remember.
  • Don't reveal too much of your identity – it's important to protect your privacy. If you decide to participate in our Community section and post information on our Message Boards, your user name will appear. Please be sure that it is a name you are comfortable sharing, as you won't be able to change it.
  • Do not use your e-mail address or first and last name as your user name.
  • Your user name must be at least six characters (no special characters), but limit your user name to 20 or fewer letters and/or numbers.
  • Try combinations of letters and numbers in order to increase your chances of creating a unique user name.
  • Be sure you've decided on a user name before you enter it – once you select a user name, you cannot change it!

Get advice from our boards

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